The tanks with only machine guns, even if they were to close up and fight again, would not pose any "They're in there. Come on, let's go in. The old man is waiting for us." It is late spring in a moment after winter and spring. In addition to the coolness in the morning an It doesn't make any sense. We won't recognize that treaty. Su Hao understood and said seriously, "OK, I'll go." Zhao Feng light light light way, even the head also did not return. "They say it's an implicit invitation." Jing Tian has some doubts. Didn't he say he would take her back? The strange red awn in the eyes also disappeared completely. After sinking into the Caribbean Sea, there is no room for Japan to toss about. Now, after hating th "Granny Lizheng, it's not about food. Don't be busy." Therefore, Tang Yu simply ignored the copy of the xuanyue kill, can one move Bang kill, that's t Chu Huan smelled the delicate fragrance on Lin Lang's body and said softly, "if you promise, you Yulinzi came forward, hesitated for a moment, and said, "father, do you think it is the Xuantian cul "You can go, but you have to leave the immortal armor." The Black Lotus girl shakes her head and smiles and doesn't believe it. The Sea God saw Ye Chu dare to ridicule him, and immediately said in a rage: "I don't know what Wang Zhaojing's attitude is somewhat reserved, and Liu Yong is also eager to stop talking. Howev

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