At this time, the imperial capital there ushered in a guest from afar. Looking at each other, several witches from different villages would smile. That is to say, you can absorb the energy fluctuation in the tripod through this tripod. The ancestors of the Yan family said that they couldn't allow these children to have any choice! "Your soul pupil doesn't work for me" It was still early. Qingshui practiced in the morning for a while and got familiar with its strength Yu Meijing turns back in surprise, Mo Zhi The scene of entering Taihu Lake on that day came to my mind. At that time, the analysis and modelin I go, how can I have such an idea in my heart, sin. The two little guys are now five years old, and their heads are moving fast. Although they are chubb "Xiao Jin, you can have a rest in the guest house in the evening. I'll accompany director Li to He arrived here, less than three months later, he found out that his luck was better than that of co Next, the elders and Qian Tong discussed specific matters. "Good! I'll get rid of all three of you." And the most special thing is that they all seem to faint at the same time, so we can't see any On the way, Chu Jun asked about the situation of the city. This kind of battle lasted for half a year. It seems that the time is not too long. In fact, think a With both hands moving, a record of the great move to fight out, and Xu Yi in a big fight.

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