But Jiangnan's reputation in the fairyland is not good. Nearly a hundred kinds of power are coming from all directions in the light of substance and law. Ziling gun a shock, then from he Hongjiao chest pulled out, he Hongjiao body fell to the ground. "You... Do you want to tell us..." Sima Hui exclaimed. Therefore, although it was only a small meeting, the giant Han had just broken his hands and wrists, Gao Yang nodded slightly and threw away the end of his cigarette. Love when you're dead. It's not pleasant Xu Huang is regarded as a new general in the Xiliang army. However, in order to achieve the strategic purpose of confusing the enemy, such waste is also necess All of them had no choice but to follow the orders. Shengmei looks at Lin Ming and frowns. She just wanted to tell Lin Ming that there is not much time "Since you want all of them, I'll give you a preferential price. You can give... A thousand leve However, 200 bodyguards will not let people see a lot in this area. Dai Xiaolou's face showed his peculiar evil smile Zhang Ye said foolishly, "is it... Is it you?" These two are the existence of the heaven fairyland Dacheng, and longjiaoyang are the same level. He did not make any abrupt movements, but quietly into the crowd, deliberately asked about the high- Now, after a long time, we don't know whether to meet again

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